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We are a trusted supplier to thousands of UK clients

We are a trusted supplier to thousands of UK clients

Battery Banks

38kWh 48V 800Ah OPzV tubular deep cycle battery bank with metal racking (24 x 2V batteries)

38kWh 48V 800Ah OPzV tubular deep cycle battery bank with metal racking (24 x 2V batteries)
38kWh 48V 800Ah OPzV tubular deep cycle battery bank with metal racking (24 x 2V batteries)
38kWh 48V 800Ah OPzV tubular deep cycle battery bank with metal racking (24 x 2V batteries)
38kWh 48V 800Ah OPzV tubular deep cycle battery bank with metal racking (24 x 2V batteries)

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Photonic Universe is proud to offer this highly advanced 38kWh 48V 800Ah battery bank system, comprised of 24 x 2V state-of-the-art OPzV batteries, connecting plates and strong metal racking for convenient arrangement of your battery bank. This is an ideal solution for applications with large energy storage and power requirements, and includes all the items required for immediate installation and use.

Benefits of 2V battery connection:

This battery bank features 2V batteries, offering important advantages over battery banks made up of 12V batteries. These include:

Significantly improved longevity: These 2V batteries are connected in series, as opposed to 12V battery banks which require a complex combination of series and parallel connections. By connecting exclusively in series, each 2V battery is charged and discharged at an even rate. Thanks to these stable and balanced charging cycles, this battery bank has a considerably longer service life than any bank consisting of 12V batteries.

Deeper discharge capability: The thicker metal plates inside these 2V batteries allow more energy to be drawn from the bank than if it were comprised of 12V batteries.

Suitable applications:

The long service life and improved depth of discharge of this battery bank make it ideal for applications requiring constant, reliable and powerful energy supply. Such applications include, but are not limited to:

- Solar, wind and hybrid energy systems
- Household off-grid and grid tie power systems 
- Emergency or back-up UPS systems
- Energy storage for telecommunications or networking equipment
- Power stations

Benefits of OPzV tubular gel batteries:

This battery bank features 24 x premium quality OPzV batteries. OPzV is a German acronym which stands for: Ortsfest (Stationary) Pz: Panzerplatte (Tubular plate) Verschlossen (Valve regulated)). These are a type of Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery filled with special gel-type electrolyte, which also feature tubular plates.

This OPzV battery bank delivers outstanding performance and longevity in line with the highest industry standards, at a fraction of the cost of similar systems made of more expensive batteries (such as lithium). The highly innovative characteristics of these OPzV batteries make this system ideal for applications where large capacity and stable long-term performance is crucial.

Additional benefits of OPzV batteries include:

- Extreme temperature tolerance: Withstand a wider temperature range than AGM or even Gel batteries (temperature as low as -20⁰C / up to 60⁰C)
- Longer service life: Designed for more charge/discharge cycles than AGM/Gel batteries, therefore last longer (up 15 years in standby applications)
- Lowest self-discharge rate: Compared with flooded, AGM or Gel batteries, they are the least prone to sulphation and hold their charge for longest.
- Maintenance free: No need for liquid or electrolyte top up. 
- Extremely safe: Non-spillable and completely sealed.
- Highly resilient: Good resistance to shock and vibration.

Additional components:

These 24 x 2V batteries are supplied with a sturdy metal racking unit, for convenient installation and optimisation of space.

These batteries are also supplied with thick metal plate connectors for instant connection of the batteries in series. All connectors have been specifically designed to maximise system efficiency; tailored to the optimum thickness and length for this particular battery bank.

This battery bank is also supplied with a detailed user manual.

Click on the Details and Specifications tab for more information.


Specifications (per 2V battery):

  • Nominal voltage: 2V
  • Nominal capacity: 800Ah (10h rate)
  • Maximum charging current: 120A
  • Cycle lifetime at 30% D.O.D.: 4000
  • Pressure control: safety valve installed
  • Terminal type: M10 bolts
  • Operating temperature: from -20⁰C to +60⁰C
  • Size: 681 x 210 x 191 mm
  • Weight: 60 kg


Specifications (entire 48V battery bank):

  • Nominal voltage: 48V
  • Nominal capacity: 38kWh
  • Maximum charging current: 120A
  • Charging voltage: cycle use 56.4V, standby use 54.7V
  • Temperature compensation: cycle use -120mV/°C, standby use -72mV/°C
  • Size: 2880 x 800 x 570 mm (when positioned in racking)
  • Weight: 1550 kg (including racking)


This product is covered by a 1 year warranty. For more information please refer to our Terms and Conditions.



This product is supplied with a user manual which contains detailed information regarding connection, operation and installation.